Under the Seas in Houston

Adventure Under the Seas in Houston

There is no expanse on Earth quite as profound, beautiful, and yet unexplored as the ocean. It captures the imagination of people of all ages, and during the summer there’s no better time than to celebrate it. Thankfully, our luxury apartments at Alexan Lower Heights give you the perfect opportunity to explore the ocean right from your home in Houston, no scuba suit or submarine required.

Downtown Aquarium in Houston

The Downtown Aquarium is one of Houston’s primary showpieces, featuring six acres of attractions, 500,000 gallons of water, and over 300 species of flora and fauna that roam the ocean depths. It’s located only two miles from our luxury apartments, and we have two nearby bus routes that can take you there in under twenty minutes.

Dive into a Deep Blue Paradise

As of today, there are eight permanent exhibits for visitors to explore, each with their own distinctive theme and resident animals. Check out the watery residents of the Gulf Coast at the Texas Bayou, or roam around a 17th Century Spanish galleon and meet hundreds of sharks, fish, and coral that call the Shipwreck their home.

Dine and Play by the Seas

If you get hungry during your visit, stop by the Downtown Aquarium restaurant and enjoy fresh seafood dishes while you sit beside a gigantic water tank. There are also several nearby carnival rides and games to liven up any afternoon, such as their 100 ft. tall Ferris wheel.

Start your next summertime adventure here at Alexan Lower Heights. Check out the Downtown Aquarium and our Houston luxury apartments this weekend.