Bliss at Your Fingertips

You deserve to enjoy the sanctuary of a beautiful, luxury apartment home. Find bliss at your fingertips when you live at Alexan Lower Heights in Houston, Texas. Think about all the things that make you happy, now put them all in one place. Pick your favorite floorplan – each layout wraps you in comfy luxury apartment features. How much can you enjoy a gourmet kitchen and spa bathroom? This is your chance to find out. Community amenities never let you waste a long weekend, so let the good times roll. Plenty of local restaurants and attractions mean the fun is never far away. Now is the time to find your place right here.

Bliss at Your Fingertips

Start your new life in the comfort of the A3: one bed/one bath at Alexan Lower Heights. You can do a lot of living inside a...

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Try Takeout from Local Foods

There’s nothing as lovely as cooking in a new gourmet kitchen. Find your slice of heaven at Alexan Lower Heights, luxury apartment homes. See all the luxury that Houston, Texas, has to offer. Stock your new pantry with the best ingredients when you try takeout from Local Foods. Get the freshest ingredients and prep something special for your friends. You will have plenty of room for...

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Make the Most of Your Weekends

Now is the time to have fun whenever you can. Make the most of your weekends when you live at Alexan Lower Heights, luxury apartment homes in Houston, Texas. Think about all the things that make you happy. Now, picture enjoying them all in the same place. Alexan Lower Heights gives you fantastic luxury apartment features in every great floorplan. Best of all, you can fill your downtime with...

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Houston Apartments with Floor-to-Ceiling Style

A single room in a home can speak an entire story of someone’s life: what they’re like in personality, what their interests may be, what colors and scents energize or relax them, or even what memories they...

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Houston studio apartments

E1: Serene Houston Studio Apartments

A little peace and quiet goes a long way, such as when you’re recovering from a long and stressful stint at your job or when you’re just overwhelmed by a series of bad luck and annoyances. Here at Alexan Lower Heights, our luxury Houston studio apartments allow residents to escape from their daily troubles and feel right at home the moment they step through the front door. With so many...

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