A5 one bed/one bath luxury apartment home at Alexan Lower Heights - Upgrade Your Lifestyle with Comfort

Upgrade Your Lifestyle with Comfort

The less you have to worry about, the better. Ease your mind with the A5 one-bedroom at Alexan Lower Heights and upgrade your lifestyle with comfort. The right home can make a fantastic improvement in your relaxation, especially with luxury apartment features you will love. Make the most of your downtime and spend it relaxing. Fun community amenities mean you never need to travel far to find a good time. Better still, you have Houston to explore. Find your next favorite restaurant or shop right around the corner. Stop dreaming and start living the life you want right here at Alexan Lower Heights.

Upgrade Your Lifestyle with Comfort

Choosing the A5 one bed/one bath is the right first step to improving your outlook. Here you can enjoy eight hundred twenty-one square feet of...

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pineappel with a view of downtown houston - Dine-In at Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co. - pic by Justin T on Yelp

Dine-In at Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.

Celebrate finding a new luxury apartment home at Alexan Lower Heights with a fantastic meal and a hearty toast with dine-in at Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co. Treat yourself and your friends to a taste of the good life with a great meal. Then invite them back to your place to hang out in the cradle of comfort. Dive into luxury apartment features and fun community amenities that chase away dull...

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fitness studio with stationary exercise bikes - Take Back Your Weekends

Take Back Your Weekends

A week of hard work has earned you some quality downtime. Take back your weekends once you pick a fantastic luxury apartment home at Alexan Lower Heights. Here, comfort and relaxation come easy when you are surrounded by elegant luxury apartment and community amenities. Find indoor and outdoor fun no matter the season. Play hard – you deserve it. Afterward, you can retreat to the...

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luxury apartment furnished interior with kitchen view - It's Okay to Crave

It’s Okay to Crave

There’s a natural ebb and flow to every lifestyle. But even if every day seems like a balancing act, it’s okay to crave the finer things in life. Find the comfort you have searched for only at Alexan Lower Heights. These premium luxury apartment homes tell the whole story about luxury in Houston, Texas. Wrap yourself in elegant luxury apartment features that make every minute at...

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alexan lower heights one bed/one bath - The Sky's the Limit

The Sky’s the Limit

Are you getting everything you want out of life? The sky’s the limit on luxury at Alexan Lower Heights in Houston, Texas. Start living your best life in a new luxury apartment home. Dive into the deep end of luxury apartment features and relaxing community amenities and leave your dull weekends behind. Find new favorite restaurants and shops in your new neighborhood – exploring...

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