Resupply Your Creative Side in Houston

It doesn’t matter if you’re a reincarnation of Leonardo DaVinci or if you still struggle to sketch a stick figure: everyone deserves a chance to have fun with art, especially during days like this where you’re at home for several hours at a time. If you like to spend your spare time coloring in-between lines, stitching up new gloves or scarves for next winter, or mold some pottery for a friend’s upcoming wedding, our luxury apartments at Alexan Lower Heights are here to encourage all your colorful creative hobbies.

Jerry’s Artarama is a nearby art supply store that has everything an artist needs to get started on their craft, whether you’re just breaking in your new set of paintbrushes or you’re a longtime craftsman looking for a new tube of acrylic paint. It’s...

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Houston apartment community

A Houston Apartment Community that’s Fitness Forward

It’s important to keep yourself healthy, especially during stressful times such as these. Making sure to eat the right foods, to exercise at least thirty minutes a day, to take a break from any long periods of...

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Houston luxury apartments

Summertime Serenity in Our Houston Luxury Apartments

Summer is right around the corner, and it’s time to bring out the swimsuits, turn up the air conditioner, and enjoy those amazing blue-sky afternoons. No matter the season, our Houston luxury apartments at Alexan...

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american cuisine

American Cuisine with Class in Houston

Food is food, no matter where it comes from, yet it’s understandable when you want something that’s more elegant than what you can make with your novice cooking skills or what you can pick up at a corner drive-thru. Here at Alexan Lower Heights, your options for cuisine are limitless, since our luxury apartments are located at the heart of Houston and are a small drive away from many...

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houston one-bedroom apartments

A6: Hospitable Houston One-Bedroom Apartments

An apartment can have everything you need: a roof over your head, running water, electricity, and a few rooms where you can rest quietly. However, here at Alexan Lower Heights, our luxury apartments aspire to be more...

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