Brushstrokes and Beautiful Keepsakes in Houston


Painting is perhaps one of the most relaxing hobbies out there: it allows you to express your imagination and creativity through a wide mix of brushes, paints, and colors, and of course it’s the perfect time-consuming activity for days that drag on. Whether you’re already a Picasso in front of the canvas or you haven’t handled a brush since grade school, our upcoming luxury Houston apartments at Alexan Lower Heights offer many opportunities to paint at your own leisure.

Painting with a Twist is one of Houston’s highest rated BYOB-style art classes, due to its wide range of projects every month, its professional staff, and from all the fun guaranteed with every session. Their location on Westheimer Road is only fifteen minutes away from our future apartments, meaning that you can drive to your appointed class in about thirty minutes with normal traffic conditions. It’s not hard to join in all the fun: simply go online and reserve a seat for one of their upcoming courses, either alone or with a group of your friends, and then arrive with a snack or beverage of your choosing. The venue will supply the paint, canvas, and brushes, so all you need is an open mind, a plastic wine chalice, and some good humor. Best of all, when you’re finished, you can take your artwork home and put it on display, or you can gift it to a significant other.

Paint yourself a happier lifestyle here at Alexan Lower Heights. Venture through our website to learn more about our new luxury apartments in Houston and sign-up for a Painting with a Twist class today.