Delivery from Stanton's City Bites

Delivery from Stanton’s City Bites

Houston has an incredible restaurant scene. As soon as you settle into your new luxury apartment home at Alexan Lower Heights, you have some fun work to do – finding your go-to restaurant. Whether you are entertaining guests or planning a killer date night, everyone needs that one spot that always “hits the spot.” But why not eat your cake and have it too? Try delivery from Stanton’s City Bites and enjoy it wrapped in comfy luxury apartment features. You can always enjoy lunch outside with fun community amenities to keep your guests entertained for hours. When the sun goes, or the temps drop, you can enjoy more indoor amenities. Start living the lifestyle you have always wanted with a new home at Alexan Lower Heights in Houston, Texas.

Stanton’s City Bites

You can’t deny the comforting feelings of enjoying a great burger. You can find something for any taste at Stanton’s City Bites. Kristin R. has the burger scoop on Yelp, “Oh. My. Goodness. The burgers here are fantastic. We have ordered delivery from Stanton’s City Bites several times during COVID. The burgers are always tasty and they’re huge. Our favorites are: the Cowboy Brunch burger, the Holy Cow, and the Grilled Shrooms burger. We’ve also tried a number of their appetizers. We’ve enjoyed: the waffle bites, the bacon cheese tots, the onion rings, but hands-down the best appetizer is the fried pickles. Even ordering via delivery, they still arrive crispy instead of soggy. You can’t go wrong with a burger and some sides from Stanton’s City Bites!!!” Delicious!

Enjoy delivery from Stanton’s City Bites once you live at Alexan Lower Heights, luxury apartment homes in Houston, Texas. Start living the dream!