Fresh Brewed and Fresh Baked Bliss in Houston


Coffee has become a necessity for many Americans: we drink approximately 400 million cups of it every day, and even if we don’t need the caffeine to stay away during a long work week, we still use the local café or an invitation for coffee at home as an excuse to gather with friends and laugh our troubles away. Here at Alexan Lower Heights, we have no shortage of great coffee shops to visit, so you can get the fresh brewed fix you need right from home.

Cafeza is a Hispanic-inspired coffee shop featuring some of the best flavors of the States, South America, Mexico, and Spain. It’s highly rated on Google for its outstanding service and quality of cuisine, and it’s located only two miles from our future luxury apartments, so you can stop by alone or with friends in just six to eight minutes. Open from sunrise all the way to 10pm or midnight, there’s something on the menu for any café enthusiast to savor. Test your liquid palette on ten styles of coffee brew, ranging from the classic and robust Americano to the sweet and light Dos Leches. There are also great entrees and snacks to dine on, from their wide assortment of daily pastries – including croissants and cinnamon rolls, to their enriching beef or mushroom empanadas. Finally, live music performances will be available throughout the month, so there’s always something lively to enjoy during the evenings.

Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and warm spirits at Alexan Lower Heights. Stop by Cafeza for your next morning fix and sign up for our VIP list online as we prepare to open our Houston luxury apartments this year.