Elegant Clubroom at Alexan Lower heights - Paint Your Perfect Weekend

Paint Your Perfect Weekend

What do you see when you imagine your ideal weekend? Paint your perfect weekend with fun, outdoor, and indoor community amenities at Alexan Lower Heights. See what a difference a Houston premium luxury apartment home can make in your overall outlook. Celebrate your first weekend at Alexan Lower Heights, exploring Houston with your best friends. Find upscale entertainment and dining choices near your new home. Takeout and delivery are as good as being there. You can always come back to premium apartment features in your new home and cap your weekend with a full dose of relaxation. The life you want to live is waiting at Alexan Lower Heights.

Perfect Weekend

The perfect weekend starts with making the right plans. Get a jump on freeing your headspace by taking care of some to-dos. Make plans for the evening with friends as you chat over scrubbing Fido in the Pet Salon. Grab a professional grooming table and let the bubbles work their magic. Take Fido home and leave him in his favorite sunny spot while you catch a workout. You can find all the equipment you need at the Athletic Club. Feel the burn with cardio or strength training and let go of a week of stress. Sunset is the right time to start your evening plans. Catch up with friends in the Clubroom and sit by the fireside, and chat. There is also a kitchen and coffee bar there. Prepare a demonstration meal or show off a new technique you learned on YouTube. Are any of your friends taking a cooking class? Let them show off their skills, and everyone will have a great time. See why it’s worth it to live at Alexan Lower Heights.

Paint your perfect weekend with fun community amenities at Alexan Lower Heights, luxury apartment homes in Houston, Texas. Schedule a tour today!